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Our specialization/Areas of focus

The laboratory of tumor immunology research program is focused on interactions of the immune system with cancer cells and mechanisms of anticancer immunity.

In murine experimental models of cancer we thoroughly study biological and immunological characteristics of polymer-bound cancerostatics based on the HPMA copolymers, a promissing therapeutic agent in cancer therapy. Of particular importance is the ability of the polymeric cytotoxic drugs to potentiate effective immune responses against the tumor, which could result even in complete tumor regression associated with specific anti-tumor immunity. The study of induction of anti-cancer immune response and associated changes in the tumor microenvironment related to the treatment represent our research priorities.

Another research branch constitutes complexes composed of IL-2 and anti-IL-2 mAb and their potential in immunotherapy and immunomodulation.


We look into the anticancer immunity and immunomodulatory propeties of IL-2/anti-IL-2 complexes


In tight collaboration with IMC of the CAS, v.v.i. our lab develop new types of polymeric drugs


Biological activity of polymeric drugs is in vivo evaluated in experimental mouse tumor models


Our lab offers you a mentoring of your bachelor's, master's and doctoral thesis


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